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Overweight vs. Overfat
by Fitness Professional Chris Olmstead
"WHAT?!?! That can't be true, that's not right. I know I need to lose a few more pounds but I am NOT obese! I'm a nurse, I know the difference!" That's what was ringing in my ears when I left the gym with last Friday. It stuck with me the whole day and over the weekend. Monday morning I walked in and there was Betty, the little obese lady. She had used the handheld impedance device that all gyms have around and it had told her she was about 36% body fat. Upon seeing me she asked if I would pinch her myself. Apparently it had stuck with her the whole weekend too.

I got out my body fat measuring calipers and performed the assessment before my first client showed up and out came the numbers: 37.7% BF. She was not happy. At 150 lbs she was over 50 lbs of fat and under 100 lbs of Lean Mass (basically everything that isn't fat, i.e. muscle organs, bones, etc.)

As a fitness professional, I explained the difference of Overweight vs. Overfat. "The guidelines of being Obese are primarily based on the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is not always a very good indicator of body composition. Many of my fitness clients come to me falling into the 'ideal' body fat percentage category they should be in according to BMI, but they aren't happy with their body. They know they carry a bit of extra weight while the scale says they only need to lose 5 lbs."

This is where the division occurs between BMI and Body Fat Percentage. Simply weighing a certain amount is hardly a guarantee of a specific "look" that most people want to achieve. BF% on the other hand is based on how much fat the person carries. Obviously most people want to carry a lot less than they do now, or at least if you are a client coming to me you certainly do. Unfortunately clients don't often just hand me a bunch of money and say "I just wanna bathe in the aura of awesomeness that is your birthright!" which totally sucks because I am pretty awesome. So getting back to body fat %..., this is the first part of the educational process that I take my fitness training clients through.

With so much external pressure to weigh less, less consideration is put on body fat percentage and health. Getting a female fitness client to understand that dropping that last 40 lbs to reach that coveted weight of 83 lbs may not result in the body weight they want can be a bit challenging. Images usually help. If they have questions or don't pick up what I am putting down Leigh Peele has a fantastic visual aid you can get by just signing up for her fitness newsletter. It helps people see what body fat percentages look like across the spectrum and where they may want to end up.

Bottom line is to have lower body fat% the key is lifting heavy objects. Exercising on the treadmill and elliptical rarely offer enough of the right stimulus to get the results you desire. Get out of the "cardio" area of your gym and hit the weights. Lifting heavy objects will get you leaner and give you a butt you can bounce quarters off of rather than one that feels like a beanbag chair.

"fitness by Design, Not by Coincidence"
A personal trainer can help you truly find your personal power!

Exercise is not a "one-size-fits-all" concept. The fitness training program that is working for your friend may not be the best option for you and vice versa.

At Success Fitness we take all of your personal fitness needs into consideration and write individual programs based upon the results of a thorough postural assessment and movement-based screening to ensure that you not only get the best possible results, but also feel better and move better as the fitness training program unfolds.

At Success Fitness, "your goals are our goals" and we are committed to providing you the best training experience possible. Through dedication to the appropriate exercise progressions along with a responsible and sound nutritional approach, we can guarantee you will get the results you earn.

Fitness training doesn't have to be only for everyone else. Fitness training and fitness can belong to you too! As personal training professionals, Success Fitness coaches can show you the path and guide you along the way to your fittest body ever!


Success Fitness Promises

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  • To help you become stronger!

  • To help you achieve the results you want to achieve!


Basic Nutritional Guidelines

You will be given info on what foods can help you have more energy and those which will work well with your fitness program. In addition to your time spent in the gym to achieve fitness, Salem Oregon is a great place to walk! Be sure you walk as much as possible and stay hydrated.  Get toned, get stronger and feel better!


client testimonials


What Personal Trainer Chris Olmstead helped me do!

I had recently lost nearly 50 pounds and with that much weight loss comes loose and saggy skin which is a look I did not want. I started working with Personal Trainer, Chris Olmstead of Success Fitness and things are definitely changing. I have lost an additional 20 pounds. My skin is tightening and I am adding good lean muscle to my body. My body fat percentage is lower than it has ever been in my life and I am inspired to reach new goals every month. Chris focuses on the details of proper lifting technique and diet so you get the most out of your workouts which is exactly what I needed. He is passionate about what he does and he cares about getting the results you desire to have.

Scott Santana, Salem, OR

Training Professional, Chris Olmstead
As a highly sought-after Personal Training Professional in Salem, Oregon, Chris Olmstead has been in the fitness industry since 2002, and a personal trainer since 2005.

Eager to help people reach their fitness goals as a true professional, Chris regularly attends educational seminars all across the country continuing to acquire, gather and implement fitness training knowledge to guarantee his clients the best results. 

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Chris Olmstead
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